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Monday, 3 March 2014

How to Submit Blogs to Search Engines

How to Submit Blog To Search Engines  | Update Blogger. Submit Your Blog To The Search Engines is a must in order to do a blog quickly indexed and appear on the front page of search results. More and more search engines are indexing your blog, the more likely there will be more visitor traffic. To that end, here I'll show how to practically and quickly register your blog to 50 search engines at once with the help of "Freewebsubmission". Look at the screenshot Submit Blogs to Search Engines Through Freewebsubmission:

How to Submit Blogs to Search Engines
1. Visit this site
2. Fill in the appropriate data from the above.
3. After that click the 'Sumbit Your Site'.
4. Next, you are asked to verify your email.
5. After that you go into your email and receive an email like the image below:
6. Click the url and you will open a page like the following: 
7. Click the 'Submit Your Site!'.
8. And this is the result of Sumbit Blogs to Search Engines Through Freewebsubmission.

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