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Monday, 3 March 2014

How To Make article The Qualified SEO Friendly

How To Make article The Qualified SEO Friendly
How To Make articles The Qualified SEO Friendly - Update Blogger . This time I will Write Quality Articles SEO Friendly , like what the heck is SEO Friendly article it ? . Broadly speaking, that is definitely not copy and paste articles .

The article is a measure of the quality of the blog , if the blog with the copy and paste articles from other blogs it will be a huge negative impact to the blog itself , and bloggers who are disadvantaged can report her to the ends of the perpetrator blog copy and paste , and worse The blog can be lost deleted by google .

SEO Article Writing The user would be easier if it grows at a blogger myself wishing that high trait that always wants to learn and always try to give the best for your blog visitors .Well you already know it is an outline of what the Article is a Qualified SEO Friendly 's right, now more to specificnya well .

1 . Choosing The Right Article Title
The title of the article is an important factor in an article . Also used as the title of the article and maximizing keyword search on google search engine , the long title of the article should sekirtar 5-7 words , because the length will decrease the quality of the keyword in it . 

2 . Choosing the Right Article URL
URL of the article is also one of the most important parts in a search on google search engine , Ko engga anyway? Bener therefore every article you write should be setting also URL Articles will be posted . The point must optimization SEO On Page

3 . Related articles 

Purpose sentence related article is a article with other articles related to each other , which definitely was one pageview nambahin blog and make your blog visitors like your blog . 

4 . Re- read article 
Re-read your article you want to post , I'm afraid when the writing of the article were the words wrong .

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  1. Nice post to How To Make article The Qualified SEO Friendly

  2. I've tried creating my own blog before. But I'm always confuse what should be the right words to use as well as choosing the right title for the article, that will surely attract the audience. It's really important to think of these stuff before creating a blog. ClickMinded SEO Training also provide additional ideas.

    1. A keyword and title of the blog and its contents in the blog content will determine the good or bad of a blog in the eyes of search engines

  3. Don't forget about other on page optimizations you can do like adding only one H1 header and then H2, H3 etc.. ClickMinded SEO Course has some advanced topics which you might like!